Head of Operational Risk Management (В архиве)

A Head of Operational Risk Management who can demonstrate experience of leading or playing a significant role in the implementation of Operational Risk in a universal bank (either Russian or Western).


Essential Requirements:

The candidate needs to be familiar with Basel requirements for Operational Risk Management.
Must be able to speak fluent : Russian, English

Managerial Requirements:

Should have independently managed a group of at least 12 resources within risk management.
Negotiation/ Persuasion skills (The success of the build out of Operational Risk will critically depend on being able to bring many internal third parties (especially business unit managers) around to our point of view.)
Communication skills (Need to be very strong both in one to one and group situations)
Good project management skills
Good Change management skills (Should be open and flexible to drive changes in processes)
Analytical and objective approach, highly organised and with an interest in/desire to be involved in projects to build operational risk management.


Exposure to more than one markets will be preferred (Although not mandatory given limited exposure)

Scope of Responsibilities:

The immediate task is, in effect, to build/rebuild almost from nothing, the operational risk management framework for the bank using a delegated model in which primary responsibility for the identification and management of operational risk rests with the business unit and support unit heads.
The role of Operational Risk Management is to provide the framework in which risks (potential and crystallised) can be enumerated and recorded, risks can be rated on a gross and a net basis and Key Risk Indicators can be set, calibrated and monitored.
The Operational Risk Management group will be responsible for setting and maintaining the Operational Risk strategy for the Bank and ensuring that it remains both fit for purpose and in compliance with external requirements.
The team will be responsible for loss data collection and analysis and Operational Risk reporting generally.