Amulex: Director of Digital Marketing

Amulex is the leading, fast-growing LegalTech company that provides 24/7 personalized, online/remote legal solutions and legal support services. The company is backed by the major venture capital/private equity fund


We are looking for the strategic person who will join our team as the leader and founder for the new B2C division of the business.


Key responsibilities:

  • Develop from scratch, manage and drive digital marketing strategy of the company
  • Lead and manage marketing strategy deployment, manage execution of high impact programs to drive customer acquisition and service usage
  • Forecast, track, and report campaign effectiveness metrics as well as overall ROI to internal stakeholders
  • Set and manage marketing budgets
  • Collaborate with digital agencies on project-by-project basis if needed and manage relationships with them
  • Provide feedback from our consumers to the development team to improve service quality and functions
  • Recruit, train and mentor a high performing internal team of 3-5 people over the course of a year
  • Support Board of Directors meetings and requests, develop specific action plans, practices and processes to implement its decisions
  • Assist with the budgeting and planning procedures at the division level, measure and analyse the division's performance results



  • BS or MSc Degree in Marketing&Advertising, Economics, or Business Administration
  • Expert-level proficiency with a wide range of top digital advertising platforms / networks (MyTarget, Facebook, AdWords, etc.)
  • Self-starter attitude and strong leadership skills are a must for this role
  • Work experience at large international advertising agencies is a plus
  • Strong technical background is a plus

Требования к кандидату

Профессиональный опыт*

5 лет (Обязательно)


Бакалавр / Специалист (Обязательно)

Магистр (Опционально)