Supremum Capital

Employer, Russia

Supremum Capital Partners have a broad and diversified investment mandate focused on Cleantech, Internet & Digital as well as Innovative Technology sectors.
Within those broad sectors we tend to prefer companies that offer a unique service or product to solve a pressing customer issue.
Our focus is on products that offer a distinct and defensible technology and competitive advantage.Our investment approach is targeted on:

Investment opportunities in Europe, Israel and Russia;
Equity or convertible debt instruments;
Non-controlling (less then 50%) equity positions;
Ticket size of US$0,5 10 mln equivalent;
Active board participation with certain lead investor control rights, if applicable.

Supremum Capital tends NOT to invest into:

Products / services with no clear competitive advantage or, in case of technology projects, feasible IP protection;
Copycats (to the extent they are in the same market as the original idea);
Seed investments unless the business meets our criteria and has ability to grow rapidly from the start or is a copycat in a new market;
Projects that don t offer any new or unique products and rely on revenues, which mostly depend on consumer / user experience;

Delivering Investor ReturnsSupremum Capital s team has a balanced combination of entrepreneurial and investment banking/venture capital experience and views its key target as assisting its portfolio companies with business development thus delivering high investor returns.Creating Value for Portfolio Companies Supremum Capital s team has a unique combination of entrepreneurial and private equity/venture capital investment experience.We offer our investee companies not only capital to secure their growth, but also our experience and professional contacts base within Europe and Russia/CIS.In the past we have helped our portfolio companies with the following:

Legal documentation;
Leading investor rounds;
HR: providing access to key personnel;
Sales: providing access to key clients or channel partners;

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