Our client, the international producer of medical devices is looking for Chief finance officer



  • Defining the Corporate Financial Policy, developing and implementing measures to ensure financial sustainability.
  • Leading the work on financial management based on the strategic goals and corporate development prospects, determining the financial sources considering market conditions and budgeting.
  • Analyzing and evaluating financial risks, developing measures to minimize them, ensuring control over the observance of financial discipline, timely and completely fulfillment of contractual obligations and revenues, the order of execution of financial and business transactions with suppliers, customers, credit organizations, as well as foreign economic operations activities.
  • Leading the work on the formation of the Corporate Tax Policy, tax planning and tax optimizing, improving accounting policies, preparing and conducting securities issuance, analyzing and evaluating the investment attractiveness of projects and the feasibility of investing, regulating the ratio of equity and debt.
  • Interacting with credit organizations on the placement of temporarily free funds, conducting operations with securities, obtaining loans.
  • Leading the project to draw up promising and current financial plans and budgets of funds, informing about indicators of the approved budget system and the tasks arising from it, limits and ratios to corporate departments, monitoring the implementation.
  • Participating in the developing projects and sales plans for products (works, services), the costs of selling products (works, services), preparing proposals for improving the company profitability, reducing costs and requests.
  • Maintaining control, the state, movement and target using funds, results of financial and economic activity, fulfilling tax obligations.
  • Developing measures to ensure solvency and increase company profits, evaluating the financial effectiveness and investment projects and a rational assets structure.
  • Organizing and developing an information system for financial management in accordance with the accounting requirements, tax, statistical and managerial accounting, maintaining control the accuracy and preservation of confidential information.
  • Planning, analyzing and verifying necessary financial information for internal and external users.
  • Organizing work on the analysis and evaluation of the company financial results and developing measures to improve the efficiency of financial management, conducting an internal audit, reviewing mutual claims arising in the course of financial and economic activities, developing measures to resolve them in accordance with the existing legislation.
  • Managing the Financial Department (incl. accounting), organizing work to improve the skills of workers, providing methodological assistance to company employees in financial matters.



  • Higher professional education (financial or economic).
  • Experience in a similar position for 5 years.
  • Knowledge of legislative and other regulatory acts governing the financial and economic activities.
  • Knowledge of regulatory and methodological documents on the organization of accounting and financial management.
  • Knowledge of the civil law basics.
  • Possession of methods for analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the financial activities, analyzing financial markets, calculating and minimizing financial risks.
  • Knowledge of financial performance planning methods.
  • Skilled in drawing up financial plans, forecast balances, cash budgets, profit and loss budgets.
  • Experience in auditing.
  • Experience in accounting, tax, statistical and management reporting.
  • Knowledge of financial control principles.
  • Knowledge of financial and legal bases.
  • Knowledge of English - Upper Intermediate.
  • Confident PC user: MS Windows, MS Office, Internet, SAP, 1C.



  • Competitive salary and bonus system.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Lunch allowance.
  • Mobile allowance.
  • Comfortable office, class A.
  • Opportunities for professional and career growth.

Candidate selection criteria


English: Competent (Required)