Avellan Capital

Работодатель, Россия


Avellan Capital is an investment firm managing private capital. We invest in public stocks and other instruments mostly in developed markets. Our key focus is on growing companies with proven business models and clear expansion plans. Normally we focus on the TMT sector, while not excluding investments in other sectors.

The small size allows us to invest in promising companies of $100-1,000m market capitalization where big funds don't find enough liquidity and small ones have limited research talent to access companies’ growth potential.

Avellan uses a research intensive, long-term focused investment approach. We use fundamental analysis to select and analyze investments. We generally invest in companies based on a thorough assessment of their business models and fundamentals, the quality of their management teams, cyclical and secular industry trends and macro environment.

Our goal is to provide best-in-class performance for our investors. The key asset in achieving it is the team. We retain detail oriented and curious individuals with a robust knowledge of corporate finance and the ability to leave no stone untouched in their research.