Bahet AG

Работодатель, Швейцария


Who We Are
We are an independent investment company providing asset management, financial advisory as well as other services and investment solutions to private and institutional clients. We are dedicated to solving our clients financial and corporate needs by always striving to search for personalized solutions, to innovate, to share expertise, insight, and information to ultimately provide highest quality service.

Within asset management, we focus on managing diversified fixed income portfolios with constituents attractive risk-reward characteristics mostly from developed market issuers and in major currencies.

Our financial advisory business centers around our team’s global investment banking expertise in mergers & acquisitions and capital raising activities as well as entrepreneurial skills and background.

Our Approach
We strive to deliver effective solutions to our clients ranging from sophisticated packaged products to tailor-made, innovative investment solutions

Our added value lies in our capacity to offer off-the-shelf investment solutions which might be suitable for a large number of investment portfolios and to address our clients’ specific needs with personalized solutions and services.

We build long-term relationships with our clients

Our added value to our clients increases with every product, service or solution we offer to fulfill their general or specific financial management or investment needs, from investment ideas to portfolio management to corporate advisory to alternative investments.

We think globally for our clients

We are based in Switzerland, so that our clients could benefit from stability, transparency, and efficiency of the country’s financial system. At the same time, our services and investment and advisory solutions effectively cover the entire world, with a particular focus on developed markets of the USA and Europe where our team has extensive experience.

Our Strategy
Our overall strategy consists of providing asset management services as well as other financial services and advice as requested by our clients.

Within our asset management business line, our ambition is to achieve consistently high results for our clients based on two immutable principles: (1) systematic approach to finding investment opportunities with high risk-reward potential and (2) maximization of investment outcomes through fundamental analysis and rigorous risk management. Those principles guide us to pursue a three-prong investment strategy focused on global macro, event-driven and relative value investing, primarily in fixed income securities of selected developed market issuers.

Our financial advisory business is mostly opportunistic, with our advisory mandates ultimately benefiting our clients as investment or corporate development opportunities.