Finsight Ventures

Работодатель, Россия


Finsight Ventures is leveraging the team extensive relationship network and complementary businesses to ensure the efficient deal sourcing and analysis in all areas of investment focus.

Redefining the future of financeThe finance industry is one the oldest in the world, yet it is the least innovative and transparent. With rapid advances in technology and an increasing consumer appetite for better financial services we stand at the forefront of significant breakthroughs in the FinTech industry. We believe that there are early stage companies that will redefine the future of finance; we will identify them and help them succeed.Our partners created Finsight on the belief that innovation in the financial sector is long overdue and transforming the finance industry requires the right combination of entrepreneurs supported by deep FinTech experience.

Companies don t charge the world, people doBacked by our team s successful investment track record and deep knowledge ofthe financial sector, FinSight can provide valuable support to entrepreneurs at all growth stages. We want to provide more than just capital, our partners are willing to get involved to help our portfolio companies navigate through a complex world. Having built an exceptional team of our own we recognize the importance people play in every start-up.