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About Insolar
Insolar™ is powering decentralised business networks. Insolar builds the next generation high-performance scalable blockchain platform designed with the express purpose to meet an immense business scope. The enterprise-grade distributed ledger cloud platform will help to increase business velocity, create new revenue streams, and reduce cost and risk by securely extending enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications to drive tamper-resistant transactions on a trusted business network.
Insolar™ values the expansion of the ecosystem which operates across chains, systems, industries and applications. With a range of protocols and modules, data and information will be connected to support various business scenarios. Our goal is to build the underlying blockchain infrastructure to bridge the real world and the distributed digital world. With this, companies and organisations from different industries will be able to develop applications for a range of scenarios and collaborate with other entities on the platform.
Why are we developing a new blockchain? We have been searching for a suitable existing solution, checked all alternatives (Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, etc), didn’t find any that is ready for enterprise use. The blockchain industry is flooded by scientists and young developers lacking extensive enterprise experience and industrial knowledge. We started Insolar to create an alternative. By leveraging rich experience in building complex enterprise software, utilising best available technological solutions, and engaging directly with future end-customers - predominantly large enterprises from Global Fortune 500 list - we are able to provide a robust, reliable and scalable blockchain platform and developer tools that meet enterprise requirements. We believe that blockchain technology should bring real value beyond the hype. It should create new business opportunities, decrease costs and increase transparency.

Insolar mission
To develop simple and effective solutions that enable businesses to transact transparently and efficiently using cutting-edge technologies

Insolar vision
To become the world’s leading tech company that powers innovative, transparent and efficient business networks

Our Corporate Values
1. Get Things Done
2. Professional
3. Proactive
4. Learn Quick
5. Simple
6. Positive

Key results
1. Set up IR framework (Oct-2018)
2. Attract 10 blockchain / crypto funds to invest in company (Nov-2018 – Mar-2019)
3. Attract 10 non-blockchain / crypto investors to invest in company (Nov-2018 – Mar-2019)
4. Organize 8 company’s meetups / roadshows / events per year (Nov-2018 – Nov-2019)
5. Organize participation in 8 top blockchain / tech events per year (Nov-2018 – Nov-2019)