Работодатель, Россия


SAGIAR – is a boutique management consulting company based in Moscow

Our focus is on operational efficiency, process improvement, organizational design and HSE projects for heavy industries and O&G companies.

About SAGIAR company

We work together with our clients to help them cope with everyday business challenges and focus on increasing operations efficiency, strategy development, and implementation, constructing efficient HSE systems. We specialize in Oil & Gas and Heavy industries.

SAGIAR is led by ex-Bain and INSEAD alumni Dmitry Linkov. We are committed to the highest standards of work and results, delivered to the clients.

Our values

Clients first
We value the trust of our clients and their needs are our priority.

True to yourself
We do what needs to be done and call things the right way.

Continuous self-development
We are responsible for our own development and learn during every project.

We see possibilities around us and are not afraid to propose and test new ideas.