Sova Capital

Работодатель, Россия


Our Mission
To provide 360° vision on financial markets
As a global independent player with a strong connection to local markets, we work with our client businesses to help them expand in the most efficient way, to discover new opportunities and to achieve their goals over the long term. We strive to be a safe, innovative and caring partner at every point on a client’s route to success, starting with the very first steps of the journey

Our Values
Our emphasis is on the provision of a complete range of brokerage and investment services, and our focus is on helping our clients maintain a strong and stable business model

Sense — we are committed to what we do and act in a transparent and fair way in the market
Opportunity — our aim is to generate opportunities for business growth for our clients, markets and partners
Vision — we operate with a clear and focused vision and a conscious long-term strategy
Action — we strongly believe that execution is key, therefore we pay careful attention to our delivery and performance quality

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