Quantitative Finance Research Consultant

WorldQuant invites for a Quantitative Finance Research Consultant position


WorldQuant is a quantitative asset management firm founded in 2007 and currently has over 800 employees working in 28 offices in 17 countries. We develop and deploy systematic financial strategies across a variety of asset classes in global markets, utilizing a proprietary research platform and risk management process.


Scope of Engagement (including, but not limited to the following):

We are seeking candidates with engineering, science, mathematics and finance backgrounds for virtual Research Consultant positions involving the creation of computer-based models that seek to predict the movements of worldwide financial markets. Candidates need not have prior knowledge of financial markets but must have a strong interest in learning about stock markets and financial markets. Upon joining us, we will provide a series of quantitative finance skill-building webinars to offer you a chance to learn the fundamentals of quantitative finance and theoretical stock price movement prediction techniques.


We offer outstanding learning and earning opportunities, which include:

  • Performance-based compensation for successfully contracted consultants
  • Skill-building webinars about quantitative finance research and modeling
  • Access to our web-based simulation platform for developing quantitative financial models
  • An opportunity for candidates with engineering, science, mathematics and finance backgrounds to break into the financial industry



  •  Students, graduates or professionals with engineering, science, mathematics and finance backgrounds or any other related field that is highly analytical and quantitative
  • Strong interest in learning about worldwide financial markets
  • Basic understanding of English in order to register and navigate the platform



Flexible and online. As a Research Consultant, you can use our proprietary web-based simulation platform to experiment with quantitative investment research at any time from

any approved location so long as you have an internet connection.


How to become a Research Consultant:

STEP 1: Sign-up at WorldQuantVRC.com and activate your account to participate in the Challenge.


STEP 2: Begin your training

Join free webinars and learn from our experienced investment experts. To help you get started, the welcome email from our founder will have an attached document about Alpha design.

Take your very first step in WebSim by clicking Help , where you can find detailed WebSim Documentation, Examples, Training Videos, FAQs and Suggested Readings to help you get started


STEP 3: Alpha Building Competition and Advanced Training

Upon successful registration applicants are automatically prompted to enroll in an open competition. All users are expected to try out multiple ideas and improve Alphas.

Optional advanced webinars on creating quality Alphas will be offered throughout the competition period. As you progress you will advance through various stages — each offering distinct educational resources.


STEP 4: Expand Your Skillset and Earn Research Consultant Opportunities

When you attain Gold level in the competition based on the cumulative score of the Alphas created by you, we might offer you a Research Consultant role. Final offer will depend on several factors including completion of background checks and execution of a consulting agreement.