Research Analyst / Associate

Currently we are looking for a Research Analyst / Associate to join our European and Indian/SEA investment teams. Note: this is going to be a remote (!) position, as we all are working from home now


To apply, please kindly send us:

  • your CV 
  • a 300-words (or less) pitch of a sub-segment that falls within our core investment verticals that you think has the most potential and why
  • a 200-words (or less) description of how you envision the most efficient process for collaboration between the research department (non-deal making) and investment department (deal-making) with concrete processes you’d be keen to implement

Decisions can be made on a rolling basis – so we highly encourage you to submit the application in advance and not to wait until the final deadline. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.



  • Previous work / internship experience required. Preferably in VC, Consulting, Equity or Investment Research within a top bank, Knowledge Teams in top-tier consulting firms. We encourage both junior (~0.5-2 year experience) and more senior (2-5 years of experience) candidates to apply. Compensation and position will be set according to the candidate’s experience
  • Outstanding analytical, research, writing and presentation skills
  • Keen interest in technologies, investments and research
  • Ability to work full-time
  • Fluent English speaker


Key responsibilities:

  • Identification of new technological trends; conducting market research analysis of selected verticals within the fund’s investment mandate; staying up to date with the relevant market news, deals and technological developments (70% of workload)
  • Supporting senior team members in investments’ due diligence from research standpoint (30% of workload)


Please note that this is not an Investment Analyst / Associate position, but a Research Analyst / Associate position. It implies different skillset and responsibilities, so we are kindly drawing your attention to it.


We offer:

  • High responsibility and independence in shaping the research practice at RTP Global
  • Highly interesting assignments in the fields of ground-breaking technologies across various sectors
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package based on the candidate’s past experience
  • Potential to grow and develop within the company

Требования к кандидату

Профессиональный опыт*

1 год (Обязательно)


Бакалавр / Специалист (Обязательно)

Индустриальный опыт

Инвестиции (Обязательно)

Консалтинг (Обязательно)

Знание языка

Английский: Свободный (Обязательно)