Analyst (Investments Department)

Analyst (Real Estate Team, Investments Department)


Principal responsibilities: 

  • Development and analysis of potential investment and credit opportunities; 
  • Gathering data for company and industry analysis; 
  • Participation in building financial models and business valuation; 
  • Drafting of analytical presentations for the meetings, preparation of info memos and other materials; 
  • Preparation material for Credit and Investments committee 
  • Participation in due diligence process; 
  • Support for deal preparation and execution process. 


Competencies and Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor or master degree of top-tier Russian or Western university; 
  • 1-3 year work experience in solid PE funds / leading Western and Russian investment and corporate banks / in M&A and Valuation departments at BIG4; 
  • Fluent oral and written English is a must (including financial and business English); 
  • Basic knowledge of financial mathematics, corporate finance and financial analysis; 
  • Understanding IFRS and RAS; 
  • Strong financial modelling and valuation skills; 
  • Fluent user of Microsoft Office and analytical databases; 
  • Solid quantitative and reasoning skills; 
  • Willingness to learn and develop across wide range of products and tasks; 
  • Ability to maintain high standard of work while working on multiple projects and long hours; 
  • Strong interpersonal and communicative skills; 
  • Passed CFA exams is a plus.

Требования к кандидату

Профессиональный опыт*

2 года (Обязательно)


Бакалавр / Специалист (Обязательно)

Индустриальный опыт

Инвестиции (Обязательно)


CFA: Аккредитован (Опционально)

Знание языка

Английский: Продвинутый (Обязательно)